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March 14 2016


Pep Boys are a  fantastic place to keep your  auto  in good running order. The mechanics at Pep Boys  actually care and they  recognize  precisely what you and your  automobile need  to run smoothly and reliably.
When it comes to an oil change there is no better  shop than Pep Boys to do this for you. You  should  know the specific need of your  vehicle in order to  ensure that the  appropriate quality oil is added to your  automobile engine.
When you are in doubt, discuss this  initially with the sales  individual at Pep Boys or with the  specialist that does the  job. It's also  essential to have the oil filter replaced, as it takes care of the  tiny  bits that might float in the engine oil and that  would certainly otherwise damage the engine.

The good thing of having the oil change made at Pep Boys is that you can use Pep Boys coupons  to obtain the oil change done  inexpensively. These are the  present Pep Boys coupons  supplied on their  site. You see that you can  obtain a 19.99 oil change, provided it's the  appropriate engine oil for your car model.

     Or else there are oil change  vouchers for the higher quality oils,  also a sythetic oil change is  more affordable with a Pep Boys  voucher!

10% Off Any Select Service
50% Off Installation of Shocks or Struts or 20% Off Do-It-Yourself Shocks or Struts
Up to $30 off Wheel Alignment
$20 Off Pennzoil Platinum or Castrol Edge Synthetic Motor Oil Change Service
$15 Off Pennzoil or Castrol High Mileage Motor Oil Change Service
$10 off Premium Pennzoil or Castrol GTX Conventional Motor Oil Change Service
$15 off Pep Boys 3-Step Fuel Injection and Throttle Body Service Package
$19.99 Formula Shell or BP Visco Conventional Motor Oil Change Service

There are  lots of Pep Boys locations and their opening hours are convenient, even if you are  busy working  throughout the day, you  will certainly find a time that  is conveneient for you to have the oil change done.

Pep Boys  additionally  offer  tires  and also have a  variety of  various other  components for  vehicles, they do brakes and filters. So if your  vehicle is running  ALRIGHT  as well as  just  requires minor maintenance, you will be well served at Pep Boys.
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